Monday, December 28, 2009


My former roommate got married in Tennessee Labor Day weekend and so I made a trip down for her wedding. The scenery was beautiful, but the roads were treacherous!

****This truck is SO awesome*****

*****These were taken at Standing Stone State Park*****


Rosebud said...

So beautiful!! I want to visit TN sometime...I have some friends at church who have family in TN and go down there at least once a year, and bring back amazing pictures (and bluegrass tunes :)).

Bethany A. said...

Oh, Tennessee is gorgeous!! I love thinking about all the bluegrass music played down there in those beautiful hills! ;) I wish my bluegrass group could go down there sometime!

bug said...

I've gotta tell you...I REALLY HATE BLUEGRASS!!!

Rosebud said...

Suit yourself, hun!

Adam said...

Ive never been to TN.
But your right that TRUCK is AWESOME, but it is a toyota,
there allright, Im a CHEVY man myself, and the paint job SWEET Im going to paint my truck CAMO when I get one...

Signed Adam From ONE TEXAN VIEW
Did you know I have a Photo Blog 2

La Leigh said...

Awesome photos. God is good and God created those beautiful things around us to show us how powerful and mighty He is. And oh, God created you and me to show to the other creation His beautiful masterpieces.

To God be the Glory.

Thank you for peeking onto my blog. That's very encouraging. God bless you more than you can store.