Saturday, June 13, 2009

20th anniversary and 40th birthday

Ok, so these aren't formal photography pictures, and I didn't even take all of them, but I still thought I'd post them! I threw a surprise 40th birthday party for my mom/ 20th anniversary party for my parents last Saturday, so here are some pictures from the big day!! :)

*****The cakes (duh!! :P)*****

******Samuel bought 2 dozen roses!!*****

*****Cake table*****

*****Candid camera!*****

*****Cutting the cake*****
*****More candid camera*****

*****A friend let Mom and Dad borrow his Miata for the trip home*****


******Gift opening*****


Elizabeth J. said...

How thoughtful for you to throw a party for you parents anniversary and your mom's birthday!

bug said...

until you try, you have NO idea how hard it is to keep a secret from a mom!!! especially when you are living with her!! i'm still in shock that i actually got her REALLY good!!
another crazy thing was trying to plan the surprise, or at least a LOT of it from 800 or 900 miles away!
it was all WELL WORTH IT!! :)

vickychick said...

HI! Good job, keeping it a secret! The cakes looked sooo yummy!:D

bug said...

thanks! it was fun and well worth all the extra work to keep it a surprise!
i didn't do the cakes, i CANNOT do cake decorating, for that matter, i can't draw or anything artistic like that!! :P my pastor's wife made the 40th birthday cake, and i ordered the anniversary cake from a REALLY good bakery!! :)