Monday, April 27, 2009

First Pictures!

These first several pictures are ones that I took today. The others are pictures that were requested of me to post. Hope you enjoy! :)

*****I stared at this tree for three class periods today, it's sooo pretty!*****

*****Weeds can be pretty as well*****

*****I love the pink blossoms*****

*****I don't know what kind of flower this is, but I think it is really pretty*****

*****New Leaves*****

*****Winona Lake in July, it is GORGEOUS!*****

*****Ok Melanie, these are of Yosemite for you. I don't remember what the name of the first one is*****

*****Half Dome*****


Elizabeth J. said...

Incerdible! I love these pictures!

Rosebud said...

Thanks--they're all beautiful!

Emily said...

Your pictures are beautiful!