Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lotsa pictures!


*****This bush is right outside my dorm window*****
*****Some of you know how crazy I am about pink, thus the reason I LOVE the next several pictures....they are all PINK flowers!!*****


*****A lady bug landed on my hand while I was taking pictures*****

*****She left me a pleasant surprise! LOL!*****

*****Sadly, the cherry blossoms are beginning to go away*****

*****This sign greets all who come to IBC*****


*****Baby leaves*****

*****My roommate works at a coffee shop. I had her bring me back an iced latte. The cups made me laugh!*****


Rosebud said...

Pink is the best! That iced coffee looks good...

Elizabeth J. said...

Love these!

Anderson family said...

Those flower pictures are beautiful! And that iced coffee looks DELICIOUS!!! I'm really thirsty right now so that makes it look even more welcome! Hehe!!:D That cup is too funny!:P