Sunday, May 3, 2009

Niagara Falls

*****The reason why I haven't been posting can read all about it on Life in My Own Words if you want an invite to it please email me*****

*****Nichole and I decided to go to a student recital together, we decided to really dress up and have a fun girls night!*****

*****Here are some pictures from Niagara Falls, Canada*****
*****August 2008*****

*****Horseshoe Falls*****

*****The power of God's Creation! Over 4 million cubic feet of water go over the falls every minute on average!*****


Elizabeth J. said...

Beautiful pictures.

Anderson family said...

Wow, those are beautiful pics of Niagara Falls!! It's been so long since we've been there, but I really really really want to go again! It's just so beautiful there! Did you pass any signs for Letchworth (sp?)Park? We've been there before and it's BEAUTIFUL!! You would love it.
Thanks for the pics!:)

bug said...

I honestly don't remember if we saw any signs for Letchworth. There were soooo many things to do and see, although the name does sound familiar...

Rosebud said...

Beautiful pictures! I haven't been there in a really long time--hopefully we get to go in July! =)